Monday, July 22, 2013

Day Zero... Here we GO!!!

I’ve always been very active, I used to play outside and run around with my siblings and cousins when I was little, in high school I played sports and in college I ran around so much I was always active! But when I was thrown into the adult world of 9 to 5, sitting in an office for 8hrs started to take a toll on me.
I started to notice clothes fitting tighter and my gut sticking out way more than I wanted it to. The turning point, however, was when I was sitting with my sister wearing my favorite pair of jean shorts and I saw a ridiculous amount of stretch marks on my thighs!!! I realize it may seem a bit dramatic, we all have stretchmarks, but really this is absurd, there is no reason for me to look like this! That is when I decided I needed to do something about my weight, I've decided to eat healthier and be  more active.
I’m starting Monday July 22, 2013 and I will take you through this journey with me for two reasons.
1. I think it will be helpful to share what I am eating and doing in order to maybe help others or if you are better at this than me you can give me recommendations of what I can do.
2. is because I think that if I write it down, it will keep me more on track, I know myself and I will be really motivated for 2 days and then go back to being lazy. So this will hopefully keep me in check and I’ll reach my goal.
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Speaking of goal, my goal is not a specific number, I’m actually not going to weigh myself at all throughout this whole thing, I’m going by how I look and feel. My goal is to be happy and comfortable in my skin. So that’s that.
Now this is the part where I include a disclaimer, I’m not a professional and everything I’m about to do is an experiment and a process of trial and error so hopefully this works!
I've never really dieted before and, while I will try, I've never counted calories before so I'll try it for as long as I can but like I said this is an experiment and if you know of a better way then let me know.
I did take a “before” picture that I’m not completely ready to share on the internet but hopefully soon when there is an "after" picture next to it I'll feel better about posting it!
so, here we go…..


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