Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 2, I'm soree!

I’m going to spare you the boring details, and skip through this part and say I woke up had my lemon water, same cereal with same amount of milk, same black tea and same amount of sugar. My morning is more of a routine while sleep walking, I don’t even think about it!
At work I had my snack around 11am, baked cheese crackers, they are the store version of gold fish. I drank half my water bottle and it filled me up enough to hold me till lunch. I guess it wasn't bad, definitely better than the watermelon from yesterday!!
For lunch I made me a wrap, it was a spinach tortilla with 2 slices of ham, some lettuce, 3 thin slices of tomato, 1 hard boiled egg, green and black olives and some cherry tomatoes and baby carrots on the side. It was tasty and it completely filled me up!! By this time my muscles already started to feel sore, it was really bad by the time I got home. My afternoon snack today was one green apple….I like apples, not much to say about that haha.
Anyways today is my daddy’s birthday and I didn’t want to work out much so I could spend some time with him, plus I was feeling super lazy since my muscles were so sore. It took some effort to make it to the basement but I did it, 45 minutes in the bike and the same Instagram workout I posted yesterday. I’ll try to keep up with it every day for 2 weeks to see if it is true you “Drop 10 in 2 weeks”.
After my shower I had one of my favorite summer meals, my mom makes this “put as much as you can in there” salad. I’m not completely sure this is healthy but since it’s a salad, I count it as healthy. My salad had lettuce, tomato, corn, cooked ham, chicken breast, cheese, green and black olives, croutons, egg, salt, oregano and olive oil. This always fills me up and like I said its one of my faves.

Again the only thing I drank all day was water, I had about 96oz of water and many trips to the bathroom!
Now as I sit and relax before bed my muscles are crying but I feel very proud of myself for actually doing it right today, no cheats! I also feel sore, but I think I already mention that!
Here's hoping tomorrow is another good day, I can already tell its going to be a tough weekend with my dad's birthday party and all the glorious food, but its only Tuesday, so far so good...

Breakfast- 240 calories
1 ½ cups of special k strawberry cereal  (165 calories)
 ½ cup of 2% milk (65 calories)
1 cup of black tea sweated with ½ a teaspoon of sugar (10 calories)

Snack- 240 calories
Cheese crakers

Lunch- 424 CaloriesWrap (approx.  378 calories)
3oz Baby carrots (35 calories)
2.2 oz Cherry tomatoes (11 calories)

Snack- 80 Calories
Granny smith apple

Dinner- ??

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