Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 1... I'm weak!!!

My day started like normal, drinking 12oz of water, and half a lemon squeezed in there. I started drinking this on an empty stomach a long time ago, my mom told me it helps aid digestion. If you look it up that's not all it does, it also helps clear skin, balances pH levels and lots more. After that I had my usual breakfast, through this blogs you'll see I'm not very creative when it comes to breakfast, I have the same thing over and over and I don't get tired easily. Lately I've been having the same thing as today
1 ½ cups of special k strawberry cereal with ½ cup of 2% milk, and  a cup of black tea sweetened with half a teaspoon of sugar. It's quick and it fills me up. 
I left to work and up until today, running for the bus has been my only workout. 
At 11:20 I had 2 cups of diced watermelon. Tasty snack for a few calories, but I'm not going to lie, I chugged half my water bottle hoping it would fill me up because that was not enough. 
Finally 2pm came around and I was able to step away from my desk to have some lunch. I decided to try the lean cuisine boxed meals, today I had the "chicken fettuccini”. It was delicious and for a pasta lover like myself, I'm glad I'm not giving up my favorite foods while trying to get in shape. However, it was a small portion. I think next time I'll go for a healthier choice and a bigger portion. Anyways this is the part I have to confess….I did do a little bit of cheating, but I have a good excuse!! My co-worker and I have a junk food drawer and now that we're both trying to eat healthy we need to empty it in order to turn it into our healthy snacks drawer, so I HAD to have some salt and vinegar chips. It wasn’t my fault!!
I'm not sure exactly how much it was but I'm ashamed and I promise to try harder! this blogging thing is really going to keep me in check, I feel so dumb admitting I failed on the first day! Haha
Anyways I got home from work and had a little snack, ½ cup of honey nut Cherrios and a low fat probiotic yogurt.
Now this is the part I make my way to the basement and pop in the Insanity DVD, I had these from last year when I tried to do it but quit after a month. Doing this workout was a last minute decision so I push play super excited and remember Day 1 is the Fit Test, it consists of doing as many repetitions as you can of the exercise shown, you count and write it down, in 2 weeks when you do the fit test again you are supposed to have gotten better. Well, as soon as the video started I remembered why I had quit originally. Insanity is…. Well, insane. I’m sure it works for many, it is just not my idea of a good workout. It does a lot of jumping which I can’t do super high impact because of the bad circulation on my legs, and I don’t get motivated by a man screaming at me from the TV to “Dig deeper”
So I finished the fit test but I’m completely over it and I don’t expect to keep up with it. Since that was only 30 minutes, I jumped in the exercise bike my mom has in the basement and I did 45 minutes there. I had never tried it bore but it was a good workout, except the seat was too high for me even in the lowest setting so by the end of my workout my butt was feeling sore! Short people problems. I followed that with the workout posted below, I found that on Instagram last week and I decided to give it a try.
Finally I had “dinner”, not really. I just ate things here and there as I prepared my lunch for tomorrow. I had 8 green olives, 8 black olives, 3oz baby carrots and one hard boiled egg.
Throughout the day I only drank water, approximately 100oz or 2.56 liters.
Overall it was not bad, I didn’t starve and the food was tasty. Other than my moment of weakness with the chips, I did good and I’m proud of myself for actually doing a good workout... Not so proud of the cheating.

Thought of the day, eating the proper serving size is hard when serving sizes are so small!!

Breakfast- 240 calories
1 ½ cups of special k strawberry cereal  (165 calories)
 ½ cup of 2% milk (65 calories)
1 cup of black tea sweated with ½ a teaspoon of sugar (10 calories)

Snack- 92 calories
2 cups diced watermelon

Lunch- 250+
Chicken Fettuccini (250 calories)
Hand full of salt and vinegar chips (?? Calories)

Snack – 220 Calories
½ cup of honey nut Cherrios (?)
1 yogurt (100 Calories)

Dinner- 213 calories
120 calories)
8 green olives (50 calories)
8 black olives (50 calories)
3oz baby carrots (35 calories)
1 hardboiled egg (78 calories)

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