Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 3, blah!

didn’t even open my eyes and I felt like I got hit by a bus. I think we are passed sore now, I just have to keep telling myself this will be worth it! It took all the effort in the world to get out of bed but I had to because this was a little different than my usual morning routine. Before you get excited, no I didn’t change my breakfast, same lemon water, cereal, milk and tea as always. But I had a doctor’s appointment before work so there was a lot of running around and speed walking to be on time to my appointment and catch the bus to be on time at work-which i wasn't! oops. I’m very well aware that I look funny doing my “sore muscles walk” but oh well haha. By the time I got to work, I was already hungry. My breakfast usually lasts me till 10:30 or 11am. Today I was hungry at 9am, I drank some water to calm my stomach down but I couldn’t ignore it anymore by 10:15 I had my snack. I had 2 cups of red grapes. I’ve had this for snack before but for some reason it was not enough to hold me till my usual lunch time.
I felt hungry by 12:30 but I had to suck it up until 1:45 when I was just starving so I got my lunch ready. I had the Smart Ones “Mini Rigatoni with Vodka Cream Sauce” which was SO good! I will definitely be getting more of that, I liked it a whole lot better than the lean cuisine meal I had Monday. I also had an apple because I wasn't completely full. This help me up till around 5pm but I didn't get home till 6pm when I had my snack, a vanilla yogurt and cup of honey nut Cherrios. After that, the day kind of went downhill and I wish the day would have ended at 6pm. I was so busy and so much happened I was ready for bed early but I forced myself to get to the basement to do something. I only did the Instagram workout I'm trying to keep up with for the next two weeks and the following arm workout I got off of pinterest. 
I did three sets of 12 repetitions each. I used 5lbs weights because it was all I had at home but it didn't feel like enough and the last time I did this workout I started with 10lbs and then moved up to 12lbs and that felt like a real workout.
For dinner there wasn't much to choose from which is a big mistake, I should have known better and have healthy food ready to eat. I had to just pick from what was in the fridge, which was not very healthy.
I had 5 chicken breast tenders, 8 olives and some... uh... ehh french fries. I know, I know, embarrassing. Not that its a good excuse but it was such a hectic day...
Anyways today I drank 83oz of water. And I'm completely happy this day is over and I'm going to bed now, sorry this is a bit dry but I'll try my best to make tomorrow better.

Short term goal: keep healthy good in the refrigerator for busy days!


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